Workshops and Training

NavalX provides facilitation experts to organize, lead or consult on how best to run a workshop to address your team's challenge. We are Navy & Marine Corps civilians and servicemembers who have faced similar challenges and we are dedicated to sharing industry best practices with you and your organizations.

You will be guided through workshops addressing Navy and Marine Corps challenges using industry best practices to enable YOU to achieve your goals efficiently.

You can also receive training on how you can guide your own team to solutions through these techniques.

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Center for Adaptive Warfighting (CAW) offers classes on Military Scrum Master (Agile Scrum) and Warfighter Centered Design (our form of human-centered design), and other industry best practices for Navy and Marine Corps operational, acquisition and other workforce members. See CAW one-sheet for more.

We're building capability by empowering talented people in our workforce to guide themselves to their own solutions.

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