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Our team is comprised of a rotating staff from across the Department of the Navy (DON), and include members from Systems Commands (SYSCOMS), Warfare Centers & Labs, Active Duty & Reserves, and Program Executive Offices. Each of us work together to tackle some of the DONs biggest challenges! Are you up to the task? If so, apply today.

Senior level experience in supporting major digital & IT initiatives. Will coordinate cross- DON digital initiatives, pilot new digital tools and oversee playbooks. Expert in DON regulations and requirements for tools and technology. Will coordinate with DON CIO, DASN IWAR and other Naval IT leadership across the DON.

Will serve as the NavalX subject matter expert on all information technology-related matters and is familiar with most things digital, including cloud, cyber security and software development. Has a passion for empowering the workforce with agility tools built with the use in mind. Reports to the Digital Mission Lead.

Helps NavalX Director and team with solving challenges, critical thinking, acquisitions management, budgets, and leadership. Is comfortable operating in a highly dynamic and unpredictable environment. Handles challenging tasks by evaluating reasons for and against taking actions, then making decisions using critical thinking and past experience.

Manage, design and coordinate NavalX's online presence both internal and external. Maintain public website and internal Fusion presence. Is creative and enjoys connecting with the workforce virtually. He/she has experience with a variety of digital tools, and is familiar with rules and regulations for Naval digital tools.

Support NavalX workshops and events with exquisite question-asking and problem-solving to inspire groups to collaborate and ideate quickly for a broad spectrum of Naval teammates. Experience speaking in front of, facilitating, and training groups of 15 or more, along with a general understanding of the DON.

Experience required in creatively supporting major DON initiatives. Will help run the National Capital Region Tech Bridge and help National TB director coordinate DON TB initiatives, regional directors, warfare centers & labs, OPNAV reps, industry players and academic SMEs, and other champions.

Someone who searches for new or popular content or undiscovered gems across the DON to create events that tell a story or to communicate a message to the NavalX audience. This can involve but is not limited to finding out what speakers can and want to speak about and asking them to draw out specific ideas that fit a part of chose topics. This person also will use theNavalX HQ to help other organizations host events or workshops.

Seeking overall support for the CAW including facilitators and lead instructors for courses in Human Centered Design and Agile Scrum.

Why NavalX

Opportunity for your command

Rotational team members are empowered to communicate with our DON workforce, enabled to elevate challenges, and better understand the DON workforce! Your rotational will have exposure to the highest levels of leadership in the DON, good impressions are enduring and your rotational will be a change advocate for the DON and your command.

Opportunity for the Individual

Exposure to the DON at the highest levels will broaden your team member(s) understanding of the DON. Your team member will be interacting with the entire RDA community: gaining them knowledge, and contacts- experience they might not otherwise have. Working with the RDA community will offer your team member the opportunity to build and lead coalitions which may lead to DON improvements, regardless of magnitude.

Opportunity for the Navy/MarineCorps

Our team member(s) will work with other forward learning Navy & Marine Corps members and RDA community members offering them the opportunity work with the larger organization's mission from multiple angles.

Individual's Attributes

We need teammates with technical acumen in the different NavalX roles and are self-starting. Your most experiencing and successful team members that have the knack to quickly see areas for improvement opportunities and act with little or no direction on those opportunities. We want your team members with an "accomplish the mission" mentality, but are comfortable pivoting along the way: tenacity.

What's The Cost?

  • Your most experienced and successful team member(s) will be attached to NavalX for one year.
  • Funding your team member(s) for one year costs between $200K and $290K using NISE or other funding.